Better Together Packs – Ambra Limoncello + Capi Soda


Ambra & Capi New range of sugar free Soda + better together Pack includes 1 bottle of our No. 1 Limoncello 500 ml plus 4 pack of New Capi Cucumber and Green Tea Soda.

We have curated the perfect summer highball pack including what we believe is the perfect summer mix of Ambra Limoncello, Australia’s No. 1 Limoncello perfectly matched with Capi Sweetener and Sugar free Soda to create what we believe is our new Summer flavor drink which is not only refreshing but light and very tasty. Perfect for warm weather and summer entertaining.

When you combine this simple mix in your glass, you can  see why we are better and we love for you to enjoy this new dink summer sensation. Proudly supporting Australia.